Our Staff

 Dr. Gwen Pillow and Judy Davis, Office Manager 

Gwen Pillow, D.C.    My interest in Chiropractic care was piqued while working as a massage therapist in San Francisco. There I saw how quickly Chiropractic care got to the core of the issue. I knew that I was ready to continue my education, so I enrolled at Palmer West College of Chiropractic in San Jose, CA. Upon graduating I worked at Nova Chiropractic in Santa Clara with Dr. Heather Shaw, massage therapists and a Naturopath. I gained insight, knowledge and experience treating a variety of patients.

After having lived in San Francisco, the San Jose Bay Area, and Paris, I wanted to plant roots in a community that was calmer, friendlier and open to complementary alternative medicine. We were pleasantly surprised to find the North County area of San Luis Obispo County. We are happy to have called it home since 2005 and enjoy and all that SLO County has to offer.

I am fluent in French and Spanish. I lived for a year in Paris, France where I learned the language, culture and how to be more open minded. Spanish came after French since I live in California where Spanish speakers are in abundance. I took a couple Spanish conversation classes at San Francisco City College then visited Spain. I was in for a serious awakening as the accent in the South of Spain was not what I studied! Since then I’ve been practicing and studying on my own and have developed a working knowledge of Spanish, enough to be comfortable treating patients that speak only Spanish.


What I do to stay healthy:

I believe in taking care of my good health on a daily basis. I exercise, eat well and take whole food supplements and herbs every day. We cook at home but also we like to take advantage of some of the wonderful local restaurants. 

I also walk our dogs daily; they always seem to know when I need a walk! I prefer to mix it up in terms of my exercise. I enjoy CrossFit, exercise dvds, yoga, walking and running. I also appreciate the results of “smashing out” my muscles or using various tools to alleviate adhesions in my muscles and soft-tissues. This improves flexibility and range of motion while decreasing pain and dysfunction. I teach these techniques to patients as I feel it’s an important addition to maintaining good health.

I feel very fortunate in that I love my work! It is so gratifying to see all the positive changes in patients and helping people “get their life back” (Visit "What Patients are saying about us"). I am happy to have Judy run the front office. I’m sure you will find her well-organized, brilliant and witty! She is an important part of what makes our office so special.

Judy Davis, Office Manager:

Judy is an amazing cross fitter and can squat, do (wo)man makers, over head lunges and dead lift 165 pounds! She is also a pro at smashing out or working out the adhesions in her muscles. Ask her how and she’ll be happy to share a few tips and tricks! She also plays the piano, knows numerous limericks and plays expert level Guitar Hero! She joined the office in 2018 and we are so happy to have her!