What Patients Say About Us!

"Dr Pillow is a great chiropractor. She takes a careful history, she really listens to what you say, she does gentle adjustments (not the scary kind that make loud cracks), and they are effective. Her office is accessible, easy to find, with plenty of easy parking. Her front desk people are friendly and efficient, her office schedule runs on time, and she will almost always fit you in if you have an emergency. I have referred several friends to her and will continue to do so. I’m a medical doctor so I’m a somewhat picky consumer of health care services and I give Dr Pillow the highest recommendation."

 ~ Susan R. 

"I am glad I found Dr. Pillow.  I was new to the area and searching for gentle Chiropractic treatment, like I had in WA, rather than the traditional ‘popping’ Chiropractic techniques that I am so frightened of.  I did not have much luck with the first Chiropractor I saw here in town, so I did more research on google and found Dr. Pillow. Only a few treatments from her and my neck and shoulder have improved significantly, and I have had this problem for over 6 years. Her technique is gentle but absolutely effective. She does not just treat; she also gives advice on exercise and proper posture to maintain my overall spine health. She is simply wonderful."     ~Holly L. 

"I had sciatica for years; Pain shooting down my leg from my butt to my knee. I just accepted the pain, thinking there was no cure. Ibuprofen was my friend. I didn’t take pain meds since I didn’t want to become drug dependent. Little did I know that my pain could be coming from my spine. While on a visit, she offered to examine my spine. She explained that a slight adjustment could help relieve the pain so she adjusted my pelvis and spine. Three years have elapsed, and I honestly have not had sciatic pain since! Hallelujah! I may be one of those rare instant freaks of medical nature, but, I am totally convinced about the healing qualities of Chiropractors."   ~ Diana H. 

"I have always had a fear of adjustments to my neck and lower back, but Gwen Pillow was given rave reviews from friends, so I took the leap. It has been so worth it! She is so knowledgeable and always has such great tips on how to help the areas I have problems with. When I have an adjustment from Dr. Pillow, I am walking tall and out of pain."    ~Amber F. 

"I have been to a fair number of chiropractors in my day, but none have truly given me the relief that  Dr. Pillow has.  Her knowledge and expertise is amazing.  She is gentle, but oh, so effective in relieving my symptoms.  I’m so glad I found her; she is the best!"    ~ Linda R.

"Had another office visit today with Dr. Pillow…I was in pain all weekend, and called first thing this morning.  Dr. Pillow got me right in!  Her treatment did wonders on my lower back and shoulders!  I walked out feeling soooooooo much better, loose & relaxed as well.  I’d recommend anyone to go to Dr. Gwen Pillow!!!!!  She is so sweet and caring."    ~ Jan C. 

"Dr. Pillow is top of her class, in my humble opinion. She takes her time to address the pain, while also making helpful exercises suggestions which I apply through my day. The staff is always very nice and welcoming. I would not hesitate to recommend Dr. Pillow to any family, friends, or colleagues as it always is a pleasant experience. Overall the best chiropractor I have been too."    ~ Dimitri D. 

"I arrived in Paso Robles for an overnight en route to Northern CA after a 9 hour drive with an extremely unaligned and painful back. Dr. Pillow made time for me within moments of my call and gave me a full and careful treatment. She was outstanding in every way and I left feeling immensely better and continued to recover rapidly to the degree that the following day I took a 3 hour bike ride–in comfort. 2 days later, she followed up with a phone call to see how I was faring. I highly recommend Dr. Pillow and only wished she lived near me! Plus, her name rocks."     ~ Anne Y.