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We combine gentle Chiropractic care with Nutritional Guidance to help you achieve your best health ever!

Dr. Pillow uses hands-on treatment at each visit and is skilled in several techniques. Techniques practiced include Drop Table, Spinal Decompression using a Flexion-Distraction table, Activator and Pelvic wedges; these typically do not create cavitation or the “pop” sound. The Diversified technique is also used and is higher intensity which may make a an audible sound when the joint releases.

Nutritional Guidance can take your health to the next level! It is often the missing link along the path to amazing health. Sometimes inefficient digestion does not allow us to fully break down and assimilate the good food that we do eat. Other times it’s stress that wreaks havoc, depleting our immune system, disrupting our sleep and hormones or depleting our energy level. Nutritional support using whole food supplements and herbs helps rebuild the system and balance out these issues.

Currently in our office: Have your Zinc status evaluated for free!

Why is Zinc so important? It is foundational in our health. Sufficient Zinc is important for: Good digestion, Immune function, Cell division & cell growth, Hormone production, Wound healing, the Sense of smell & taste and fertility in men. Our bodies do not store Zinc so we must eat foods or supplement daily.

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