Nutritional Guidance

Are you ready for radical good health? Let’s get started on improving your nutrition. If you’re nervous, we can start by One degree of change. This could vastly change the trajectory of your life. If you’re ready to jump right in, let’s do it!

We offer nutritional guidance that may entail adding a couple foundational supplements or a protocol to heal your body and get you back on track. Whatever your level of interest, it’s never too late to work on your health.

Part of our Nutritional guidance may include muscle testing and Nutrition Response Testing. NRT or Nutrition Response Testing is a non-invasive, precise and scientific technique that helps determine the strengths and weaknesses in your body. First, through an analysis of your body’s reflexes, we determine the exact organs and structures that are weak. We then correlate the right supplement in order to bring about balanced and improved health. The analysis is done through painless and noninvasive testing of the body’s neurological reflexes and acupressure points. It reveals the state of health and the flow of energy in each organ and function of the body.

After determining the weaknesses and which nutrients that help, we suggest specific protocol or combination of supplements and foods to add to your current diet. The supplements are different from store-bought vitamins, as they are made of whole foods rather than chemicals artificially produced in a lab. More information about our supplements may be found at


Core Supplements for every body:


Be proactive and create your good health. In addition to eating right, exercising, getting rest and thinking positively, we need to fill in the gaps. If you are looking for a strong foundation, we suggest this combo: Catalyn a great multi, Trace Minerals-B12, and Tuna Omega 3 or Cod Liver Oil. We use Standard Process as they use whole food sources to obtain nutrients for their supplements and herbs. Our supplements contain natural synergists contained in real food. They are more bio-available and thus are assimilated easier. Whole food supplements are much better for us than their chemicals counterparts. After all, food was the intended source for human nutrition, not chemicals. Why not give the body what it needs and wants?

Catalyn provides a good foundational multi-vitamin containing vitamins and phyto-nutrients (plant nutrients) for approximately 15 different whole food sources. This contains complexes of nutrients rather than incomplete isolated nutrients. I supports both the physiological and the biological processes of the human body. We even carry chewables for children.

Trace Minerals-B12 provides a spectrum of minerals that support enzymatic processes, ligament, cartilage and bone structure as well as immune and thyroid function and fat metabolism. We get our minerals through the plants that we eat. Plants extract minerals from the soil or the sea. Since the quality of our soil has depleted over the years, we must add back minerals in their natural form. Our supplement nourishes the endocrine glands and contains:

  • Iodine for the Thyroid
  • Manganese for the Pituitary
  • Copper fro the Adrenals
  • Zinc for the gonads & pancreas
  • B-12 for the Spleen and red blood cells

Tuna Omega 3 or Cod Liver Oil is necessary for the brain, the circulatory and immune systems and the body’s natural anti-inflammatory function. It helps reduce stiffness and support healthy joint function. Our Omegas are from super clean sources and don’t stink or taste terrible like cheaper fish oils. If you have a fish oil supplement at home, try this: Open it up and smell or taste the oil. Our Omega 3 oils don’t have a strong smell because they are third-party tested for heavy metals and toxic agents. Ask us for a sample to perform your own taste test.

Obviously eating a varied diet with good protein sources, colorful vegetables, fruits and plenty of fresh water is vital to good health. Try to eat twice as many vegetables as fruits to help balance your blood sugar during your day. Cold water fish and flax seed contain Omega 3s, so if you are not eating these, ask us for one of our Omega 3 supplements.

We are here to be your nutritional resource. We carry many other supplements and herbs. We are here to help you achieve and maintain great health!